Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sorry about the delay in my " Christmas kids list" post. I have the flu.
I do wish how ever to mention that everyone should always check Amazon for Cyber Monday deals.
The reason why I say this is: last year my list for family was about $300 ( not including my sons stuff) but I managed to find every ones stuff on amazon for $125. Same kind of thing the year previous.
I use amazon to check other sites prices against. I find a product online, take its name/model number( ect), and search for it on amazon.
I usually have good results in finding a more reasonable price on amazon. Even if its just -$10.
Plus Amazon has a great section for Autism related items! Lots of selection and wonderful things to have!
Happy shopping everyone. My list will come soon. Sorry.


  1. Hey this is Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! Wishing you a merry xmas! Hope to see more posts soon! xxx

  2. Whoops I left my comment about cyber monday on the wrong post! Wha I'm so sorry! Anyway excited to see your list. I love seeing other people's wish lists.

  3. I am sorry to hear you had the flu. I hope you are feeling better. My colleague told me she bought all of her kids toys on Amazon with free shipping for Cyber Monday. I hope you had the chance to shop too.