Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a little hello.

Sorry I have been away so long. Been kind of weird here. My aunt passed away the end of December.
On other news: My son is learning to Ice Skate. I took him last weekend. He did great. Used the little learning cart to start, by the end he was just hanging on to my hand.
He was diagnosed as PDD NOS. His co-ordination isnt the best, but he caught on to skating like a duck to water! I was so proud.
I don't know how many of you will teach your kids to skate, but I think even those who use walkers could benefit from trying it at least once.
It's like I encourage Horse Back Riding for those who are ambulatory and not. The muscle strength that the rider gains is great. The learning to steer the horse with the reins and to balance is great! Does wonders for them.
Anyways. I hope you all had a great Holiday season! See you soon!