Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rant:: Stupid budget cuts in schools!

Well, as I have become more involved with my sons school I have made a new friend. And with that comes inside information.
I was notified by text tonight that the teachers aides in my son's school are being let go.
The aides are there because there are a lot of at risk children and large class sizes. Plus, you add in the autistic kids that are being mainstreamed ( like my son) and you have children not getting the help they need and deserve.
I wish every child had an IEP, a contract that ensure that the children get the attention, help and education they all deserve.
As a parent, I know that my son's IEP is his saving grace. It is his key to having doors opened for him that other children would not have because he has special needs that need to be met.
I was told that my son's aides might be spared, but its all still up in the air as to who has been cut.
When the super intendant for our area did a press confrence it was said that no cuts would be made until after the new year... But that means that the aides on staff have already gotten their one month notice about termination of employment or lay offs.
I hate it! It stinks! Especially for young kids! LEAVE THE ELEMENTARY/PRIMARY schools alone you buggers! These kids need those aides! They need them to help them develop the skills you are pushing on them! The insane schedule for " growth and learning" you have written into testing!
Yep. My kindergardener gets Education based tests to see what he is learning and not learning and to see if he is going to be grade 1 ready by the end of the year! WTF! The poor teachers are stuck with making sure that kids meet those standards, despite large class sizes and now no aides to help them!
Sure parents can help out, but lets face it: Most parents work school hours or have other children. Some just have no interest in helping out.
I know I help teach my son every day, but no everyone is as patient or as in tune with their child.
I know lots of parents who really should of taken a pass on parenting because they have a devil of a temper and no ability to relate to children. They hold the bar too high and some dont let their kids have fun at all. Its all tutors, music lessons, ect. Things that the child didnt always sign on for.
Some parents are so intent on making sure that their child is going to make great grades and get into the best schools that they forget to let the child be a kid. Get messy and play with others.
Some are drug addicts that dont care they have kids beyond the money they get for support for them.
Still, there is no excuse for what the school districts are doing to kids. There is no need to cut teachers, teachers aides and their support.
What are they going to cut next, power? This is getting ridiculous.
There are millionaires balking at the idea of paying more taxes, while children are going without the help and teaching staff and supplies that they need in schools!