Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everyone has a favorite movie star, or acter/ess that they follow. I personally have a few.
Lately it seems that I see my favorites playing roles that are so out of their normal genre that I just can't find their character in the show believable!

I get that they taking on roles to pay bills and build a resume, and I respect that, but honestly: Why would a producer or director even other cast members let them play a character that is not believable? Why would you do that to a fellow acter/ess unless you want a role or find them threatening?
Honesty is the best solution.
For example: Brandon Jay McLaren- Awesome actor ( - find what he has done so far in that link. Yet, after watching a CSI- Crime Scene Investigation where he played a pimp, I find myself in disgust. I think he could of done a much better job being convincing as a pimp. I just didn't feel he was in it to win it with that character.
I look forward to seeing if he can be convincing as the teacher in " The Killing" ( ). He was okay in Being Erica.
Which was another series that I wasn't into at first, but grew on me. NOW I am totally in LOVE with the show. I await every weeks episode! I mean I find myself pondering on what will Erica do this week in her life to send her back in time to right a past wrong?

Just like I am not totally sold on the series: Parenthood. Lauren Graham, who did a wonderful job of Gilmore Girls just doesnt seem to be selling this role to me. Maybe its because I feel she has been type casted and should be able to branch out. Or maybe its the other characters she plays opposite to. Who knows, but I know I just am not into this series.

There are others I haven't named, of course, but I think you get the drift.
How many of you have noticed the same kinds of things with your favorite stars?

Well, until next blog: Keep living your life and not letting your life live you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random rant

There are times that I miss Canada ( where I grew up), and for good reasons sometimes. The " sue you over everything" " I work hard for what i get, and dont want social medicine" attitudes drive me crazy.
Maybe I grew up in more prestige than I thought. I hate taking my son to a doctor appointment, paying a co-pay then awaiting the bill the month after.
Shots for children are not a luxery. They are required. So why should they cost 400? And that, my friends, is even with the " insurance company" kicking in thier part.
We are not well off, hell I would give about anything to be lower middle class!!
So, it takes us time to pay off that bill. Then, it seems that we just get it paid off and we are back at the doctor for some reason and we are back up!
The insurance companies that did away with the $500 deductable are theives! Not everyone has an extra $1000 to spend on doctor appointments and medications.
Then there is the " you have to pay up front if you go to the hospital" policies! What the hell is that about?
If you have a bleeding child, they shouldnt be caring if you have insurance, or if can pay thier $200 before treatment fee!
Who has $200 in an account sitting around for hospital fees? I know I dont!
People who think that is ok are either: better off than I am, or are worthy of a mental ward!
I find that even tho I legally live here and pay taxes ect, I miss the Canadian health care system. The one that works based on how much you make. Is it fare? You might not think so, but I have never ( as a child) been turn away for care.
Everyone hears horror stories about this, but they simply are not true!
If you are able to wait for a procedure because someone else can't, you will. If it is life threatening, then you will be taken care of.
I think people need to stop with all this finger pointing and name calling. Cuz Canada, unlike most of the USA, has health insurance and health care and gets thier medications when they need them.
Look at how many shows even show US citizens going to Canada for medications! This should be a sign to the US government that there is something wrong!
Where are the red flags?
Instead of looking to fight wars on foreign soils, why dont they work on poverty within thier own country? Where are those helping create support agencies in the USA?
Have they any idea how much a child with special needs costs? Do you know that there needs to be help in our own country first?
Stop, look around. A socialized medication system would be a blessing. You need to see that paying $250 a month to company every year to use about $600 worth the medical treatment is wrong, especially when that company dont cover emergency treatments. Especially when you have to argue most major surgeries to get them covered!
Turning away kids with Autism for disability when they require so much therapy to help them grow and prosper! Let them have it for 5 years, then re-evaluate! Even give them partial coverage! Cover speach therapy if thats what they need! Cover occupational therapy if thats what they need. Help them over come thier obstacles! Stop fighting wars that dont effect us and start looking at home.
Use your resources to find cures for all kinds of childrens ailments!

What do you think the US government should put that money to use for?

Sun shine

So, it appears that my old blog was deleted for inactivity on another site. Oops!
Oh well, this site seems to be a better fit.
I have gone back to tweeting recently as well. I think I need something new to do. Something new to try. Something that will inspire me!
I can't seem to get past chapter 2 of my new attempt at writing a book. I can't even seem to get a working title formulated!
Here is to seeing if this works at getting these creative juices flowing again!