Monday, November 28, 2011

Parents need to stand up

Ok for all of you who are saying " the occupy wall street people are wrong", i want you to justify how. Especially when everyone pays taxes, but children pay the most! Volunteer at your local school and look those kids in the face when you see them not have the support they need.
Tell them YOU don't support what would be best for them with restructured taxes.
You tell them you're sorry that they get more cuts every year because YOU don't want to pay more money to make sure they get the education YOU did!
I dont want excuses, I want action.
Go ahead. See what teachers go thru in a day.
See what supplies these kids DONT have.
Feel good about what you have now, because your kids ( unless you send them to private school) will be screwed later because you are not on board now.

I have seen the hours teachers put in! Some of them even take work home and still not get them all done.
A teacher with children with special needs needs more support. They used to have Aids to help in classrooms, now its just paras. Which will be likely cut soon because budgets are getting really tight. Even tho they are funded by the government under a different sanction.
Those teachers have large classrooms already because of job cuts and they are expected to make kids reach a certain test result or they lose their jobs! Its not fair to say they deserve it! Because they dont! Too large of class and not enough help to teach young kids ( especially those with special needs) is to blame, not the teacher!

As a parent, I am appalled at how badly my school district is cutting jobs and costs to make it work.
The " parent liaison" was cut ( they were the people who helped parents be sure the kids get the best they can, understand whats going on, and bridge language differences if need be. They were the go to person if you were having problems with your childs teacher.)
I am a member of my PTO, but even we as parents cant make up for all the jobs cut, because we too have to make a living to make sure we can provide things for our children.
I think Occupy Wall street protesters base message is right: Things need to change. Taxes need to change. The way the money is spent needs to change.
As long as the USA has only 2 parties in government, I don't think anything will change tho. Because no matter what, its about who is in power, rather than doing the right thing.
Every law or decree that has come across so far has almost always been abolished by the opposing party. Why? Because it would make the current party look good and lose them votes the next election.
There comes a time when things are bigger than politics...
Children's futures is bigger than the rise and fall of stocks, bonds and companies. They deserve what we all have had growing up. Yet, they don't get it.
I am ashamed of people who think its okay to let children pay for what they as adults could fix. No child should be forced to go without music education, art supplies, text books, writing materials, the best computer technology to help them learn at school.
They should have the aids and para's there to help them if they need it to learn.
There should not be any corners cut! Screw " No child left behind"! They should know their phonics, how to sound out words not just know them by sight!


  1. Yay it worked today! Ok Hello I'm your partner for Love Comment Blog 5. I could not get your blog to work on my mac forever!!! The comment just kept coming up as an error. Anyway that's rad! I wish I had taken advantage of cyber monday! I think you inspired me to next time. :)

  2. Great post on Occupy Wall Street. Anna from swapbot (mynursecoach)

    I think people who disagree are either ignorant or turning a blind eye on what is really going on.

  3. Yes, our kids do deserve more. They deserve access to lots of resources to help them learn and grow and develop. However, it is my opinion that, as the parent of my children, it is MY responsibility to provide them with these things. If I choose to put my kids in public school, that does not negate my responsibility toward them. It is my responsibility to make up for the areas in which the school is lacking. If public school should be used for anything, it should be a supplement to the education that a parent is already providing their child during "non-school" hours...that's what parenting is, isn't it?? (All this said with a heart of discussion, rather than debate)

    Your blog seems to have a lot of great resources...thanks for putting it out there! :)

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  4. I agree that parents should be teaching their kids at home too. Yet, as the saying goes " it takes village to raise a child". I think the reason its said that way is because your child will make friends with others. Each of those parents comes from a different job and sometimes backgrounds.
    They learn by what they see in stores, movie theaters and in schools.
    Sure, it is our job to show they the right and wrong in what they see, but it is also the things they see that shape them.
    It is our job as parents to help them learn at public schools and contribute what we can to make sure every child in that classroom has a chance to learn and grow.
    It isnt just my child i am responsible for, but everyone in that classroom. When I help out, those children look to me to set a good example and to give them a hug if they are having a bad day.
    I know what you mean. I say these things also because I feel the cause is just, and everything is open to discussion.

    Thanks Sarah. I try my best to keep others informed.
    I think if I can make 1 persons job a little easier, my hours of work is worth it!