Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everyone has a favorite movie star, or acter/ess that they follow. I personally have a few.
Lately it seems that I see my favorites playing roles that are so out of their normal genre that I just can't find their character in the show believable!

I get that they taking on roles to pay bills and build a resume, and I respect that, but honestly: Why would a producer or director even other cast members let them play a character that is not believable? Why would you do that to a fellow acter/ess unless you want a role or find them threatening?
Honesty is the best solution.
For example: Brandon Jay McLaren- Awesome actor ( - find what he has done so far in that link. Yet, after watching a CSI- Crime Scene Investigation where he played a pimp, I find myself in disgust. I think he could of done a much better job being convincing as a pimp. I just didn't feel he was in it to win it with that character.
I look forward to seeing if he can be convincing as the teacher in " The Killing" ( ). He was okay in Being Erica.
Which was another series that I wasn't into at first, but grew on me. NOW I am totally in LOVE with the show. I await every weeks episode! I mean I find myself pondering on what will Erica do this week in her life to send her back in time to right a past wrong?

Just like I am not totally sold on the series: Parenthood. Lauren Graham, who did a wonderful job of Gilmore Girls just doesnt seem to be selling this role to me. Maybe its because I feel she has been type casted and should be able to branch out. Or maybe its the other characters she plays opposite to. Who knows, but I know I just am not into this series.

There are others I haven't named, of course, but I think you get the drift.
How many of you have noticed the same kinds of things with your favorite stars?

Well, until next blog: Keep living your life and not letting your life live you!

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