Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dr blunder!

I found out today that Dr. L has a waiting list of crazy lengths for new patients, but once i researched her background I was actually glad my son is not going to her. She has no genetics backgrounds, no Developmental Behavioral Pediatric fellowships or exp to speak of, not even any history of behavioral pediatrics at all!! What makes her good? Well, when it comes to neonatology ( newborn or birth defects) she is covered!
Man, I think I dodged a bullet there!

When I think of someone working with special needs I think of someone educated in that department. Yet, the idea of this woman working with Autistic children scares me! Why? Well hmm: Her fellowship was in Neonatology, which is the study of disorders and development of NEWBORN children! So, hey if your kid was premature, or has issues from birth, she is your gal like i said! But past the age of 2, she should really not be treating children who might have more complex issues in the autism spectrum because she just is not educated or experienced in that field! When I think of someone who is dealing with children on the spectrum I am thinking of people who have done their fellowships ( at the least) in developmental, behavioral, psychotherapy,neurodevelopmental, and even a combo of the above. Someone who can help conduct neurodevelopmental/psychological evaluations of children birth to ( insert age here), and who has experience and education to do diagnosing and developing treatment plans for complex developmental disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, language deficits, sensory-integration issues, sensory impairments, social/emotional concerns, and learning difficulties. I am so glad i am taking Michael down to Riley's in Indianapolis! Sure Dr. L has her medical degree and internship with one of the best in the country, but that doesn't make her an autism specialist! At best she is an early preschool aged child's doctor who has developmental defects from BIRTH. Ok, rant over!
Yes, I am aware that this might seem slanderous but I am truly outraged by this!
Do you agree with my assesment?
If so feel free to email with the button on the side of this page! Or if you have a story related to this that you wish to share, I am all ears!

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