Saturday, April 2, 2011

Night Owl Prowl.

Why is it that it isnt until the wee hours of the morning, when the house is quiet and the sun nearly ready to rise, that I seem to be able to draw inspiration?

Illogically though it might be that I am finally relaxed enough to feel the creative juices rise up, here I sit writing. Though, I suppose it could be the shows I watch after everyone else seems to be resting and I am alone.

Being Erica, Crossing Jordan, The Gilmore Girls, NCIS, or one of many CSI shows. They all draw me in. Each as different from the other, but always seem to have one thing in common.
The first episode I watch. They have to have a compelling cast, each one with a story, living personality and some kind of struggle I can grasp with a hungry mind. A mind that allows me to take in what is going on in the show, but also what is going on behind the scene. The past drama within the scripted lines of the current episode. Can I identify it?Can I put the clues together and predict what might happen next? Is there a double meaning to any of the lines being spoken by the characters? Is there a deeper story than what first meets the eye?
Strange how I can change the show, but the same questions resound within my mind.
Yet, as I sit here, writing I know that it is most likely not as strange as I think.
Every day, all day, I am constantly analyzing, finding paths, living off cues of people around me. Why should a show be any different?
I find myself looking forward to the promise of a new show this Sunday. Yet, I also am dreading it. Is it going to be just another 24? Where I watch the first season, lose interest but come back the last season and feel like I missed very little in terms of storyline and plot?
I guess that is to be determined. Tho I do know that I think they could of done a better job of promoting the show, doing the character profiles on tape and drawing in the viewers.
Seeing " Rosey's Room" is ok, but you can't actually get up close and personal. You cant open all the drawers of her dressing table. Cant check under the mattress. Yes, you can check her Vlog on her laptop, but can you read the books and papers on the desk? Why do they say you can play detective in her room, as a selling point, but limit what you can click on? Unless they plan on adding content as the show progresses? Make it interactive? Because I have to say, if they dangle this in front of me and then don't develop it later, I will likely be very negative on the matter. Also showing a collage of characters who are possible suspects, but not allowing you to click on them and get a bio on them and how they relate to the story is annoying.
Then the whole " Cast share their theories" part is a bit of a sour lemon. I wanted to hear the actual theories. Not " the killer could be amongst us" or " I stopped making theories because it could be me". I am not saying give up everything. But, why not put things to theory. A mother talking directly to the camera and audience at home, addressing HER theory as to who might of done it within the community. Or " This is my relationship with my daughter, do you think I could be behind all of this?" Create a mystery as to the motives of daily living for each character. A 30 second clip on a personal level tells us nothing about the characters.
Well, only time will tell if the show is a flop or a must watch. Telling me TV magazines and news papers give it a rave review is like telling me if I pick up the remote I turn on the television. But the question is: Will I like what is on when I do?
Good night readers. If you get the chance watch AMC's The Killing on Sunday at 9pm.
Let me know what you think.

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